Helping York businesses

Our Pay it Forward Campaign

Supporting the intrepid business founders who through their ambitious motivation help bring us new products and services and drive our community forward.

Over the past few months, my days have felt a lot emptier without the freedom of interaction of the pre-covid19 days we all probably took for granted.

From the simple things like exchanging pleasantries with the local Wetherby business owners to the face to face meetings we have with our clients, things are a little different now and I’m sure many of you will feel the same.

The sense of community is a little lost and if you are missing those interactions too, we’d like you to consider joining us by reaching out to try and support them. For small businesses, it’s about more than a financial investment. It’s a sign that you’re here for them, that you care about them, and you believe they have a future and they will survive. We all want to ensure those business owners stay with us and once we break free of our restrictions, we can get back to normal business and enjoy our face to face interactions.

Every Little Helps

Beyond their size, small businesses are defined by their spirit and energy. At the helm of these businesses are the intrepid founders who through their ambitious motivation and often fearless approach, bring us new things to experience and help our community thrive.

They invent, inspire and build despite uncertainty, because this is what drives them. These risks bring innovation that moves our local community forward and this shapes our future. We desperately need them.

What we’re doing to help

We’ve decided to run a “Pay It Forward” campaign. By paying it forward, we can hopefully make a small but quite important difference to our local community. Our hope is to brighten another person’s mood and hopefully set a chain reaction in motion.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference and if we all rally around and do what we can, then this will help create the positive energy that will boost our local community, building more resilience into survival.

For the next four weeks, each week we are selecting a business to support. We’ll buy £100 worth of vouchers for use with the selected business and then offer them up for grabs to our followers. So one lucky person will win a £100 voucher each week.

How To Take Part

If you would like to take part and win a voucher then all you have to do is listed below.

  • Like and follow our chosen business on Facebook.
  • Share our Facebook post on your Facebook timeline.
  • Leave a comment in the Facebook post for the selected business.

Rules: Initial posts will be made on a Monday. Entries must be received by mid-day on the following Friday, within 5 days of the original post. We’ll choose a winner at random, announced by DM by close of play Friday.

Good Luck! And thanks for your support.

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