We received an email from Kim Pengelly at Hope Pastures letting us know what exactly our money went towards last year; it’s so brilliant to know our money has made a difference.

“As well as helping our rescues generally, the money Franks donated specifically enabled us to rescue 4 young Dartmoor ponies (Pearl, Diamond, Brontie and Revel) who needed rescuing as a herd. Normally we couldn’t afford to rescue so many together, but your funds enabled us to do this.

Each animal rescued costs the sanctuary c.£800 in the initial months (provided it doesn’t have to be gelded, as that’s another £200). That makes £3,200 for the Dartmoors. These ponies were unhandled and starving.

The yard team have worked very hard with them to make them healthy, approachable and much more confident, so they have a great chance of finding a new ‘forever’ home with a new family in the near future.”