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Pocket Sport

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Pocket Sport is a London based lifestyle brand with the intention of creating an intimate community through the comfort of leisurewear and the joys of an active lifestyle. Our goal, from the off, was to create a premium product at a more affordable price.

We could not understand how low-quality products were being sold at such inflated prices. Fundamental to exercising freely is a feeling of security and that simply can’t happen in clothes that quickly lose their shape or are constantly falling down. And so, ‘Pocket’ was born- stylish and comfortable items of clothing that carry the wearer safely through a workout and more crucially, life.

Our mission is to provide you with clothes to first live in and then be seen living in, to enclose and protect whilst keeping you open to all that life has to offer. We are always striving to grow, innovate and improve and we appreciate all your help enabling us to do so.

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Facebook: @PocketSport
Twitter: @pocket_sport
Instagram: pocketsport

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