Building An Award Winning Dog Walking Business

From a pipe dream just 3 years ago, to running an award-winning dog walking business, Bryony has shown that with determination, support, and a lot of doggie love, you really can achieve your dream!

About Bramham Pooch Patrol

Bramham Pooch Patrol was founded in 2014 by Bryony, who has built up a successful and award-winning business. Bryony actually trained and worked as a Solicitor before deciding to change career to follow her dream of owning her own dog walking business.

Bryony has 2 beautiful dogs herself, Monty and Marina, as well as four cats! She works hard to ensure a high standard of care is given to the pets she and her team look after.

In March 2015, the business started to expand by taking on another employee and dog-lover, Claire. Since then the team has continued to grow and now includes: Lisa; Charley; Becky; and Sarah as well. As all the team are animal lovers, they truly give the pets in their care the attention and love they require!

What do Bramham Pooch Patrol Do?

Bramham Pooch Patrol is a local independent dog walking business, serving Bramham, Wetherby, Clifford, Boston Spa, Collingham, East Keswick, Scarcroft, Linton, Spofforth and most other surrounding areas.

They offer group or solo dog walks, home visits to your pet, home boarding and puppy care. One of the big advantages of using Bramham Pooch Patrol is that they never charge a retainer fee to reserve a dog’s place on a walk should their service not be required one week (i.e whilst on holiday!). They also send text messages to the owner after each walk or home visit to keep them updated – what a lovely touch!

Big Congratulations

Bramham Pooch Patrol are the proud winners of the 2017 Yorkshire Choice Award for ‘Independent Business of the Year’. They truly are a deserving business for this award. Congratulations Bryony and the Bramham Pooch Patrol team!

Bryony States that “3 years ago making a living walking dogs was just something I would daydream about at work!” but here she is 3 years later, running an award-winning business!

Bryony also thanks Franks Accountants, “thank you for your support in helping us grow as a business” – you’re more than welcome Bryony!

Growing your business?

If you would like help growing your business, then we can help, just as we did for Bramham Pooch patrol. Please see our Business Growth and Advice page for more information. Or give us a call to book an appointment so we can discuss your individual business’s needs.