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 Xero cloud accounting software allows your business to work smarter and faster, giving you a better overview of your finances.

Software for small businesses, that works anywhere you do.

Why Xero Cloud Accounting Software:

With the introduction of Digital Tax Accounts being placed by HMRC for all businesses over the next few years, Cloud accountanting is the perfect solution, we are Xero Partners which means we are ideally placed to help you to deal with the transition. Xero accounting software provides you with the tools needed to grow your business like:

Find out why Xero Accounting is a game changer for SMEs

Xero Accounting

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Clients who have benefit from Xero & Franks Accountants

I cannot speak highly enough of Adam and the Franks Accountants team. Personal, intelligent, and high quality service combine to provide the best experience I’ve come across from any accountancy firm. The decision to make a donation to a local charity for every new customer they obtain also reassured me that they’re willing to give back to the community too, allowing others to also benefit from their inevitable success. First class.

Chris Binnie, Our Angels

Common questions asked

Cloud Accounting refers to where your data is stored, meaning your hard drive is no longer the central hub. Cloud Accounting allows for your data to be accessed anywhere, anytime from any device (with an internet connection) using the platform, The Cloud. This means, unlike non-cloud accounting, your data will always be up-to-date, more than 1 personal can access the data (once they’ve been given permission), your data is more secure, and back-ups are automatic.

Yes! Protecting our client’s data, identity and personal information is one of our top priorities, so we would never recommend a provider that we don’t trust. Xero boasts a multitude of security features, including:

  • External security specialists review and audit Xero protocols regularly.
  • Xero servers are located in hosting facilities with a combination of biometric systems, to which only authorised staff have access to, and manned by 24/7 on site security guards.
  • The automatic back-ups that Xero implements are saved onto different servers, located in different geographical locations. This means, in the event of a Xero server being destroyed, your data can be easily accessed from a different back-up location.
  • Xero servers use multiple layers of security, firewalls and encryption technology. In fact, it is the same technology used by, for example, the Bank of America.

*Please note, this information is solely for Xero Cloud Accounting, and not all cloud based accounting platforms are the same, so make sure to research their security initiatives.

Anyone running a business! If you would like to know more about how cloud accounting can benefit your business, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Luckily for us, no. Cloud Accounting makes it easier, faster and safer to input and look after your data. However, you will still need an accountant to help reduce any tax liabilities, as well as, ensure your business is reaching its potential.

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