Make Sure You’re Savvy About Spam Emails

As we approach Christmas and the festive season malware infections increase, so we want to make sure all our clients, family and friends know how to check if our emails are genuine. Hackers can often impersonate a company, leading to unsuspecting people giving away payment information or contracting a virus on their computer. This is often done through clicking on a link in an email that isn’t secure.

Here we’ve put together a list of signs to look for that means you can be confident it’s an email we’ve sent:

  • Make sure to check the email address it’s come from. Ours will always be from, for example
  • Check the greeting. If it’s an email asking for personal or sensitive information, we will always greet you with your name, not a general greeting such as, ‘Sir/Madam’, or simply ‘Good Afternoon’.
  • Our emails will always have a footer. This will either be a MailChimp footer which contains our logo, social network links, mailing address, and your subscriber preferences (like the bottom of this email). Or, it will contain our logo, registered office address, registered number, our VAT registered number, and our social network channels. There may also be additional information as well.


Email Footer

MailChimp Footer










  • Also, please note that we will never ask for payment details through an email.


If you’re still not sure if the email has come from us: CHECK. You’re welcome to ring the office to confirm that we have sent the email.

If you ever do click on an unsecured link and contract a virus, make sure to visit a specialist company who can securely remove the malware infection.